mySMARTLife and the further EU’s 8 Lighthouse projects pledge closer cooperation in their efforts towards low carbon and resource efficient urban spaces

In their efforts to deliver and replicate Smart City solutions, the EU’s nine Lighthouse projects formally signed a Cooperation Manifesto in Nottingham (UK) on 23rd March 2017 – among them Rubén García Pajares, project coordinator of mySMARTLife.

The signing ceremony was held at Conference Centre of the Nottingham Trent University and saw Councillor Sam Webster (Nottingham City Council) and Pro Vice-Chancellor Michael Carr (Nottingham Trent University) host representatives of projects that, altogether, span over 50 towns and cities across Europe. The signing of the manifesto seals the cooperation that is already a reality within the Lighthouse project community. However, the manifesto is being seen as a further crucial step in the EU’s endeavours to optimise project outcomes and ensure these become mainstream beyond the projects themselves.

Nottingham, a city recognised for its strong ecological drive, was an ideal setting for project partners to pledge their commitment to Smart Cities and Communities. The signing of the Cooperation Manifesto came as part of a study tour organised by Nottingham city council and Nottingham Trent University under the Remourban Lighthouse project. The tour included workshops on topics such as smart city indicators, innovative business models and integrated planning for accelerating urban transition. Furthermore, a site visit enabled delegates from the European Commission, INEA and other Lighthouse projects to discover the realities of Remourban’s green endeavours in Nottingham’s Sneinton district and e-bus charging depot.