Lighthouse City Nantes promotes energy transition through Energy Data Lab

With the Energy Data Lab initiative (“Datalab Energie”), the mySMARTLife consortium partners Nantes Metropole, Enedis and Atlanpole aim at stimulating innovation for the energy transition thanks to the collection and evaluation of data. More specifically, the objective is to create and test new services for individuals and businesses, and optimise Nantes Metropole public policies on energy through data - especially concerning electricity.

The Energy Data Lab initiative builds on the massive and growing quantity of electrical data collected, notably via the deployment of smart electric meters: 150,000 smart meters have already been deployed by Enedis on the urban area of Nantes Metropole, and a further 150,000 are planned.

Enedis, the main French electricity distributor and partner in mySMARTLife, has developed a dynamic electricity data platform hosting data sets collected from the smart electric meters (amongst other data collected). These data sets are provided to selected innovative stakeholders like startups or SMEs in an aggregated form when necessary to respect confidentiality rules so that they develop new solutions in favour of the energy transition.  As an open platform, it will provide those data to the urban platform through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The Initiative has started in spring 2017 with the exploitation of electricity consumption data from public facilities (buildings and lighting) managed by Nantes Metropole. Two projects of the “Challenge for Digital Acceleration in the West” were selected to develop specific electrical data-based use cases:

  • Self-adaptive building: platform of characterisation and monitoring of a public building to reduce its energy consumption.
  • Interactive Data Light: Smart lighting enabling the urban environment analysis and regulation.

The current challenge is to develop new use cases based on electrical data. To identify them, Atlanpole (Nantes technopole and Business and Innovation Centre), supported by Enedis and Nantes Metropole, organised a Data Lab Workshop during Nantes Digital Week in  September 2017 to promote and identify stakeholders, such as SMEs, willing to work on energy data. Atlanpole will continue its task of stimulating the innovative ecosystem, e.g. by the organisation of further workshops.