Hamburg represents mySMARTLife in the European Urban Agenda Partnership on Digital Transition

Hamburg is part of the European Commission’s Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Digital Transition and does in this function also share its experiences made within the mySMARTLife activities.

The objective of the Partnership on Digital Transition is to provide better public services to citizens and create business opportunities. It focuses on five vertical themes: Future Health and social care services, eGovernment, Urban Planning, Future learning and skills development as well as 5G and other Key Enabling Technologies. Two horizontal enabler themes are cross-cutting the verticals: Data and Standardization and Business Models accelerating urban growth. The objective is to provide better public services to urban citizens, new innovations and create business opportunities for European cities.

Hamburg is a member of this partnership and brings in relevant input from the experience that the city has made with mySMARTLife so far. Furthermore, the partnership is a great chance to get more cities into the mySMARTLife Cities Network and to disseminate the project approaches and results.

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