First Public Event for mySMARTLife in Lighthouse City Hamburg

Every year in May, Hamburg celebrates the “Europe Week”. The project mySMARTLife used this event to invite the people of Hamburg to a public exhibition on 12th May 2017, to present and explain the objectives and activities of the project and to give the public a chance to get in contact with the local mySMARTLife partners.

Around 60 visitors followed the invitation and learned about the ongoing and planned mySMARTLife activities. The exhibition showed practical examples like future mobility solution bikes or special sensor devices for energetic monitoring purposes. The visitors, most of them politically involved citizens living close to the project area, used the opportunity to interview the experts and to give their comments on the planned transformation to a smart city.

This exhibition was the first “kick-off” event for a series of public engagement events in the future. It is the aim of the project to establish a steady exchange of ideas with the public and specialised expert networks in Hamburg and its metropolitan region.

The project area in Hamburg is the Borough of Bergedorf, where in several development areas innovative solutions for the smart city of tomorrow are being developed. The focus of mySMARTLife will be on the fields of Energy and Infrastructure, Mobility as well as Communication and ICT. The group of local mySMARTLife partners, , consisting of institutions from the different fields of administration, science and research but also of locally based and internationally operating enterprises, is already actively involved in various projects in the area and steadily expanding its activities.

Picture Source: ©konsalt GmbH | Photographer: Tobias Hahn