Carbon Ego mobile application encourages a more carbon-neutral lifestyle

Carbon Ego is a mobile application, implemented by mySMARTLife partner Forum Virium Helsinki, that gives data by visualising how movement, housing, eating and consumption habits affect a consumer's CO2 emissions. Carbon Ego encourages users to live in the most carbon neutral way by offering invitations to various challenges. By completing the challenges, the user learns useful lessons about lifestyles that can reduce an individual's carbon footprint, such as the use of electromobility or lowering home heat. Above all, Carbon Ego aims to encourage consumers to adopt a more climate-friendly lifestyle from a positive and solution-focused angle.

Carbon Ego started as part of the mySMARTLife project and is in line with the project’s aim to curb climate change and develop a sustainable urban structure by introducing smart and clean solutions together with the residents. The application was released in public in April 2021 and utilises widely available open data sources.

Find more information about Carbon Ego in the following documents: