Business Breakfast on Mon Projet Renov

On 6 December 2019, a meeting bringing together stakeholders of the renovation field was hosted in Nantes. The target audience included auditors, architects, engineering consultancies, associations, worksite project managers and people from Nantes Metropole working on the theme of energy renovation and energy transition.
The first part of the meeting focused on Nantes Metropole’s objectives in terms of energy transition, its challenges and solution approaches given at national and local level. This was also a great opportunity to introduce the new Mon Projet Renov initiative. The original web platform was launched in February 2017. An assessment of the latter has been carried out by all the partners involved as well as about sixty users, after one and a half years of operation. Subsequently, a new system to support retrofitting was set up considering:

  • the feedback of the assessment,
  • the launch of a new French state renovation program that implied important changes in the involvement of local authorities,
  • the willingness of Nantes Metropole to simplify user experiences and increase the visibility of all its platforms by bringing them together on one website,
  • the need to better monitor the impact of retrofitting support.

Mon Projet Renov does now include the following features:

  • Nantes Metropole’s facilitation of a network of professionals in the fields of condominiums and individual houses,
  • Information pages on renovation and financial aids on Nantes Metropole’s website, which was one of the main assets of the first Mon Projet Renov web platform; Here, the user experience has been optimized on the web pages dedicated to the Mon Projet Renov system,
  • A new e-service is currently under construction and will complete the offer of the Mon Projet Renov system. It provides the possibility of processing financial support files online,
  • the need to better monitor the impact of retrofitting support measures.

The second part of the business breakfast was designed to encourage discussions on targeted themes like financial aids for renovation, general information on energy renovation, wood for construction and solar energy. From this meeting the following ideas have emerged:

  • On funding of energy renovations: "To look for third party investors who combine all the financial aid into a loan at 0% interest rate"
  • On communication needs: "To organize worksite visits during and after the renovation works" and "To make the network of professionals known to project leaders"
  • On stakeholders’ request for animation: "To train counsellors and professionals in bio sourced materials and renewable energies"
  • On suggestions to the Mon Projet Renov system: "To give a bonus to bio sourced products and renewable energies" and "To increase the audit grant"

All in all, this business breakfast gathered 41 participants, 8 exhibitors and retrofitting/energy experts from Nantes Metropole.