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mySMARTLife – Editorial


Dear readers,

2020 is certainly a year that will be imprinted in our collective memory. In March, the planned mySMARTLife project meeting in our Lighthouse City Hamburg had to be cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It was only an inkling of the far-reaching changes that were yet to come.

In recent months, most of our lives, which are affected by the daily encounter between people on a large scale, have been shifted inwards. In Spain, the state of alarm, which has been in effect since mid-March and included strict restrictions on going out, was valid until 21 June. Slowly, we are moving back towards normality, even if the deep cuts of this pandemic will keep us busy for a long time.

This virus has not only affected us on a personal level but has also shaped our work as an international consortium. Despite being separated, our sense of solidarity and feeling of togetherness could not be torn apart but was moreover strengthened.


This is not only noticeable in our online meetings but also in our joined social media campaigns which were carried out together with our SCC01 partners. One thing is for sure: Smart Cities are resilient and creative cities! Some city reactions towards the posed challenges will also be addressed in this newsletter.

Guided by this spirit, the EU continues to stress the importance of its Green Deal. To reduce climate protection in order to revive the economy faster would be a big mistake, declares Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the EU Commission. We can only agree. Therefore, let our long-term responses to the crisis be as creative and sustainable as the short-term ones.

Take care and enjoy reading! 

Rubén García Pajares
CARTIF Technology Centre
Project Coordinator


mySMARTLife – Focus Topic
COVID-19: Challenges, Reactions and Recovery


When 2020 began, probably no one could have predicted how the first half of the year would look like. What we once thought impossible had suddenly become real. Borders were closed, air travel was banned, and strict curfews were imposed in several countries. And this with no less intention than saving human lives. But how did our mySMARTLife cities actually respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19?

Strong light bulb (photo: Frank Vessia)

News from the three Lighthouse Cities Nantes, Hamburg, Helsinki

Nantes: Business Breakfast on Mon Projet Renov


On 6 December 2019, a meeting bringing together stakeholders of the renovation field was hosted in Nantes. The target audience included auditors, architects, engineering consultancies, associations, worksite project managers and people from Nantes Metropole working on the theme of energy renovation and energy transition.

Business Breakfast on Mon Project (Photo: Benoît Cuvelier)

Social acceptance of the Nantes’ autonomous shuttle bus

Autonomous shuttle bus (photo: Nantes Metropole)

At the ATEC ITS congress for intelligent mobility, Nantes Metropole and Cerema presented the results of an evaluation that was conducted as part of the mySMARTLife project on Nantes‘ autonomous shuttle bus which was operating in general traffic with a specific topic on the social acceptance of this technology.


Photovoltaic films at La Cité des Congrès


During February and the beginning of March, Engie teams worked on the implementation of a solar power plant, made with organic, flexible and semi-transparent photovoltaic films. 41m² of these photovoltaic films were installed by simply gluing them onto existing awnings at La Cité des Congrès. The latter is a venue for hosting and producing professional and cultural events, which is thus highly frequented by local, national and international visitors.

Photovoltaic films (photo: Engie)

elexity – Hamburg drives electrically: Daimler delivers 16 electric buses to the Borough of Bergedorf


Today, 16 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric buses were delivered to the transport association Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) in typical Hamburg weather. Four more eCitaro solo buses as well as 17 articulated eCitaro G buses are going to be delivered by the end of 2020.

elexity - Hamburg fährt elektrisch (photo: VHH)

mySMARTLife researches sustainable heat supply in Hamburg-Bergedorf

Infographic of hydrogen feed-in (photo: Gasnetz Hamburg)

The Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW) is an academic consortium member of mySMARTLife researching energy as well as resource efficiency of energy, mobility and infrastructure measures.  In the Hamburg demonstration site Bergedorf and the new created quarter “Am Schilfpark”, HAW is involved in the sustainable heat supply of the area.


SunZEB Block: First house finalized


The first SunZEB building (Sun Zero Energy Building) has been finalized in Kalasatama district of Helsinki. The SunZEB block, planned to contain four apartment buildings, is one of the interventions in mySMARTLife. The first building contains apartments from two room units to five room units. The building is close to the green recreation island Mustikkamaa and centrally located.

SunZEB Block (photo: Maria Viitanen)

The City of Helsinki opens energy consumption data of service buildings for developers

Helsinki city material bank (photo: Pertti Nisonen)

The City of Helsinki holds around 1700 service buildings (e.g. schools, libraries and hospitals). The information how these use energies can now be read through the new Nuuka Open API. The aim is to speed up Helsinki on its way to become carbon neutral by 2035. All in all, 96% of the direct emissions of the city organization come from the energy use of the buildings. The data has been collected by the city since 1980s but is now becoming vital to monitor how the carbon neutrality goal is going to be achieved.


mySMARTLife – Project News


SCIS Webinar: Replication in practise with mySMARTLife FCs Palencia & Rijeka

On 09 June 2020, mySMARTLife Follower Cities Palencia and Rijeka joined the SCIS webinar “Replication in practice: Common challenges and enablers for...

How to replicate? Finnish Lighthouse and Follower Cities know the answers!

In January 2020, the second edition of Tampere’s Smart City Week took place. Over the duration of one week, filled with a diverse and interesting...

mySMARTLife at EIP-SCC Matchmaking Event 'City Representatives meet Investors'

A high-energy day proving that there is neither a lack of Smart City ideas nor one of available funds for investment! That was the experience of the...

mySMARTLife – Events

2-3 September 2020, Brno, Czech Republic

The URBIS Smart City Fair is a culmination of the exceptional innovative potential that exists in Brno. This is therefore an opportunity to present your technologies, visions and solutions, as well as promote the positive impact these will have on people’s lives and those who will make the decisions concerning their implementation.

Meet world-renowned speakers and experts through the SMARTalk series. Also be sure not to miss the practical seminars and conferences that accompany these talks.

For more information

SAVE-THE-DATE: Nordic Edge Expo 2020 Goes Digital
22-24 September 2020, Stavanger, Norway

Nordic Edge has since the beginning worked for innovation, societal and business transformation. Along with the rest of the world the organisation is facing its biggest change to date. The 6th edition of the leading Smart City event in the Nordics is going digital in 2020.

For more information

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News from our Sister Projects


mySMARTLife is one of seventeen European Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects, currently receiving funding within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

ATELIER, SPARCS & POCITYF: Websites are online!                                    

The latest SCC1 projects ATELIER, SPARCS and POCITYF have released their project websites! Check them out:


REMOURBAN finishes with Best Practices e-book
REMOURBAN, the third Smart Cities and Communities project which was funded by Horizon 2020 and will finish this summer, is now sharing its key lessons learnt throughout the project in a final brochure.

Project coordinator Miguel Á. García Fuentes (CARTIF) states: “Our project’s legacy is a proven and replicable model for use in towns and cities across Europe. We’re proud of this Urban Regeneration Model and its ability to improve people’s lives in urban areas. With REMOURBAN, we’ve transformed the ecosystems in the three lighthouse cities while enabling other cities to embark on their own smart and sustainable transformations. Our ultimate goal is already becoming reality.”

You can download the final brochure here.


About mySMARTLife

Hand holding a digital tablet with a contemporary smart city and apps icons (picture:, elenabsl)

The mySMARTLife project aims at making the three Lighthouse Cities of Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki more environmentally friendly by reducing the CO2 emissions of cities and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Other activities are focusing on "Inclusive cities", offering a high quality of life in the cities. READ MORE


Picture Sources:

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